Losant Outperforms Azure
in MachNation IoT PoC

MachNation developers executed an identical IoT proof of concept in Losant and Azure to evaluate each platform’s capabilities. Overall, it took MachNation’s developers 30 hours to build a complete IoT edge POC with Losant. If developers were able to complete the project, it would have taken 74-94 hours to implement the same edge POC on Microsoft Azure.

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Losant commissioned MachNation to execute an IoT proof of concept with edge computing and multi-tenant capability.
Discover the process, project specifications, and findings in the detailed report.


"It required 30 hours to build an IoT edge solution in Losant and 2 to 3 times the amount of effort and time to develop the Azure-based IoT solution."


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More Proof that AEPs Promote Simple, Secure, Scalable IoT

With built-in components that every IoT solution needs including device management, visualizations, and a rules engine, Losant’s application enablement platform (AEP) is equipped to serve as the foundation for enterprise IoT applications. AEPs give teams the ability to:


Capitalize on Low-to-no-code Application Development


Build Future-proof Applications Faster


Build with Scale and Security Top of Mind

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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Cloud Vendors and Losant

Use Losant’s AEP with Azure. Enjoy the functionality of cloud vendors’ sprawling set of tools while employing Losant’s IoT-specific components for ease-of-use, reduced complexity for development teams, and faster time to market.





Download Executive Brief & Full Report

"The other platforms didn’t have the tools required to build a user interface that could securely support many companies with multiple users. The front-end features, the developer view, and the way that you could create individual experiences were important to us.”



Offer Digital Services to Customers Using Losant

Are you intending to use IoT for connected products or sell-able digital services? A single installation of Losant can help you offer a unique branded experience to any number of customers. Our existing customers and the independent developers have found our guided creation wizards, application templates, and walkthroughs helpful for connecting dashboards and making branded login pages with minimal difficulty.

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