Losant outperforms Azure in Machnation IoT PoC

Get inside an edge IoT implementation through the view of MachNation’s independent developers. Understand the time, cost, and skill level required for a proof of concept in both Azure and Losant environments. Download the full report detailing MachNation’s process, project specs, and complete findings.

IoT Edge Solution Comparison

Losant and Azure comparison chart

“Losant’s node-based visual workflow engine is one of the more user-friendly and sophisticated rules engines on the market today.”



  • Ability to complete
  • Sophistication of the solution
  • Ease of use
  • Timing

Key Findings

  • Users can save significant time and cost with Losant
  • Losant’s unified platform architecture promotes ease of use
  • Losant’s sophisticated tools enables complete customer-facing solutions
  • Losant service teams provide best-in-class support

Download MachNation’s Comparison of Losant and Azure