Activate IoT In Your Building Ecosystem With Losant at Realcomm | IBcon

Realcomm | IBcon fuses both commercial real estate IT departments and smart building operations professionals to share effective technology solutions. Join us on June 15-16 to understand how Losant’s smart environment IoT innovations can enhance your environment.

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Inspire Your Vision With Successful Smart Environment Solutions

Synchronize the building management systems in your smart environment with Losant. Interoperability doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Integrate existing equipment on BACnet networks using our BACnet integration. Read this blog to see how IoT integration can extend value in BMS and stop by our booth to learn how it works during Realcomm | IBcon 2022.

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Maximize Productivity, Building Efficiency, and Support Safety Protocols With This Occupancy Monitoring Solution

To implement your IoT strategy, along with Losant’s platform, we are helping you source IoT capable partners that are known for innovation, stability, and expertise in IoT. Check out this Occupancy Monitoring solution by EnOcean, Aruba, and Losant to gain the benefits of an IoT solution that is easy to implement and manage. See this demo at our booth during Realcomm | IBcon 2022.

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Orchestrate New and Existing Systems for Smart Environment Management With the Losant IoT Platform

Learn what it takes to orchestrate various building systems with smart devices and data to create end-user experiences that will optimize resources and space. Our application enablement platform gives teams with limited IoT experience the ability to capitalize on low-code application development. A solution can quickly and securely integrate with databases, call upon web services, or utilize third-party APIs. To discover additional benefits of using an AEP for your smart environment start building for free today in our Developer Sandbox.

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