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Losant Reseller: Skylytics

Skylytics® builds powerful, individualized solutions for clients upon the strengths and adaptability of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Helping you plan, interpret and apply data, your Skylytics team creates actionable insights that support critical decisions — the bridge from continuous intelligence to intelligent business.

Why Work with a Losant Reseller?

Losant will gather and assess your IoT platform needs, including understanding your business opportunity and your objectives. Introducing you to Skylytics, the conversation moves from IoT potential to broader consideration of what you need it to do for your business. As an authorized Losant platform reseller, the continuous intelligence expertise of Skylytics is joined with the complete IoT capability of Losant. You benefit in the following ways:

  • Solution Development Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Streamlined Delivery
  • Losant Platform License

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Losant’s pricing model provides flexible options for organizations of all sizes. We are happy to introduce Skylytics, an authorized reseller of the Losant platform specializing in small to medium businesses. Let us provide pricing to support your objectives.