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Analyze Room Usage with Losant’s Huddle Room Monitor Application Template

Derek Pietras
Derek Pietras 1 minute read

In every office, conference and huddle rooms are in high demand. Employees can waste time and energy trying to find an available room. Fortunately, with IoT, managers can monitor available rooms in real-time.

Setting up a solution to monitor rooms can be a challenge. To help, Losant developed the Huddle Room Monitor Application Template, one of four Losant application templates, which monitors three huddle rooms throughout the day. You can use this template to quickly learn how to develop your own solution for your office using Losant.

Watch the Deeper Dive Webinar Replay: Huddle Room Monitor Application Template

Application Templates in Losant provide a set of real-world reference implementations that you can use for:

  • Architecture guidance
  • Implementation best practices
  • Starting points for your own applications

The Huddle Room Monitor Application Template provides the following:

  • Sample huddle rooms with occupancy monitoring
  • Aggregated occupancy data by floor and building
  • Access control through user roles
Huddle Room Monitor Application Template Dashboard

This template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation. The README includes useful information, including:

  • Key components
  • Setup
  • Device simulation
  • Dashboards
  • Experience
  • Resources

On April 28, at 1 PM EDT, Losant's Education Lead, Taron Foxworth, will lead a Deeper Dive Webinar on the Huddle Room Monitor Application Template. There, you will experience the full functionality of the application template and the benefits it can offer your enterprise. Try the Huddle Room Monitor Application Template for yourself now in the Losant Developer Sandbox.

Derek Pietras

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