Bringing IoT and AI Together with Losant and Elipsa

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

Analyzing IoT data to derive higher-level insights is a fundamental part of nearly every IoT product or service. One of the biggest opportunities for IoT providers is to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their analytics pipeline. The complexity of implementation, however, has made it difficult for most organizations to justify the cost of incorporating AI.

To eliminate the complexity of utilizing AI, specifically for IoT products and services, Losant has partnered with Elipsa. Elipsa makes AI more approachable by providing a drag-and-drop platform that's tailored made for IoT data. Elipsa's platform also works perfectly with the data you're already collecting with the Losant IoT Platform.

Get a technical walkthrough of how to train and invoke AI models using Losant and Elipsa's Application Template. Watch the Deeper Dive Webinar replay here.

Losant and Elipsa analytics pipeline diagram

Predictive Maintenance Application Template

To best demonstrate how to use Losant and Elipsa together, we've released the Predictive Maintenance with Elipsa application template. This template performs real-time outlier detection using a pre-trained AI model and sample dataset that represents the industrial IoT data being reported by many Losant customers.

Predictive Maintenance Losant DashboardThis template provides a reference implementation for how to invoke AI models using Elipsa's API. It also demonstrates how to visualize the results on a dashboard and perform real-time event creation. You can use this template as a starting point or educational resource when incorporating Elipsa into your own Losant applications.

Supports Many AI and IoT Use Cases

Even though our Predictive Maintenance application template showcases outlier detection, the combination of Elipsa and Losant can deliver a wide variety of AI and IoT use cases. These include:

  • Will a tank go below a certain level in x days?
  • Will a system fail in the next x number of hours?
  • Will the output of my manufacturing process result in a defect?
  • What will the CO2 level room be in x minutes?
  • How many hours until machine failure?
  • What is the projected battery life?

To discuss your IoT use case and learn how Elipsa could help enable AI as part of your analytics pipeline, please contact us. Our team is available to answer any questions you have.