How Losant Edge Compute is a Game Changer for IoT Innovators

Kevin Niemiller
Kevin Niemiller | 2 minute read

In the realm of IoT-connected products and the pursuit of digital transformation, harnessing the potential of edge data is essential. This invaluable data is the foundation for cloud-based analysis, organization-wide accessibility, and the creation of powerful, connected products.

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform offers many important components that empower customers to materialize their connected product visions and achieve digital transformation milestones. One of the most impressive and powerful components is Losant’s edge compute offering.

Let’s take a look at five game-changing features of Losant Edge Compute.

Remotely Deploy and Troubleshoot Edge Logic

Losant simplifies the process of executing edge logic and capturing edge data by providing the ability to build visual, low-code edge workflows in the cloud and deploy the edge workflows to one or many remote gateways. Workflows can be debugged live in the browser once deployed to the edge device. This real-time visibility allows for immediate updates and redeployment to a single remote gateway or a fleet of gateways.

Manage Edge Compute at Scale

Losant offers an intuitive interface that provides real-time status updates for devices, regardless of scale — from a single fielded device to millions. Customizable metadata facilitates efficient device categorization, including location, customer details, and device type. This feature allows for quick monitoring of online and offline gateways or the status of individual gateways. Additionally, alerts created in the platform notify users of workflow errors and gateway connectivity changes.

Losant Device List

Drag-and-Drop Industrial Protocols and Edge Logic

Losant's edge workflows excel in managing complexity. These workflows can capture data from a variety of built-in protocols like MQTT, OPC-UA, BACnet, Modbus, Allen Bradley, and Siemens S7. They can also perform protocol conversion, parse raw data, normalize it, publish it to the cloud, and efficiently orchestrate interactions among multiple devices. Workflows even remain functional when internet connectivity faces interruptions.

Losant Edge Workflow

Security and Assurance

Security is paramount in the realm of edge offerings. Losant’s approach to security involves the utilization of MQTTS (MQTT over a TLS-encrypted connection) , ensuring a secure outbound connection from the device to the Losant Platform. This feature enables secure deployments across manufacturing floors, integrated connected products, and local environments.


Store and Forward

In cases of internet connectivity disruption, the edge agent ensures no loss of data. It stores data locally during disruptions and publishes the buffered data to the Losant Platform once internet connectivity is restored.

Losant Edge Compute empowers businesses to navigate complexities and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of IoT-connected products and digital transformation in a low-code environment. Losant’s edge offering is just one of the many vital components that Losant provides to offer a complete Enterprise IoT Platform. Visit the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform webpage to learn more about the Losant Platform’s five major components, or watch a 30-minute technical platform overview video. Please contact us for any questions or to receive a comprehensive demo of the platform.