Connecting 900M Facebook Users to the Internet of Things

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

We're excited to announce direct support for Facebook Messenger Platform's webhook verification within the Losant IoT Developer Platform. With this integration it has never been easier to connect Facebook's 900M Messenger users to the Internet of Things.

Facebook Messenger chat with Losant about data for plants.

Facebook Messenger Platform works by providing a webhook URL to Facebook that will be invoked whenever a message comes in. Your messenger bot can then respond however it wants. In the above example, if you ask how the plants are doing, it will respond with the moisture sensor levels of each of our office plants.

WebHook Setup

Facebook performs a verification request against your webhook to make sure you actually own it. Losant now handles this verification request for you. All you need to do is provide us with your custom verification code.

WebHook setup in Losant IoT platform.

Please refer to Facebook's documentation on how to setup the webhook on their end.

Build the Workflow

Once the webhook is configured, you can trigger workflows to respond to the user.

Facebook Messenger Bot workflow in Losant IoT platform.

Facebook is still approving our office plants messenger app, but once it gets approved, we'll publish the full walkthrough on how it's built. Please refer to our webhooks documentation for more details.

We can't wait to see the experiences created with the powerful combination of IoT and Facebook Messenger Platform! If you do make something, make sure to let us know in the forums.