The Road to Hannover: Extend Data Benefits to Your Customers

Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson | 1 minute read

Use Losant to monitor, control, and measure action from industrial equipment on-premises or from the cloud. Enhance your offerings - allow your clients to monitor equipment from anywhere using Losant’s multi-tenant access features.

Give your customers access to the data your equipment produces. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform can provide OEMs with remote equipment monitoring capabilities on old or new products. Because the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform features edge computing and the ability to design uniquely branded experiences, you can extend additional monitoring services to your customers. We demonstrate these capabilities in our water pump demo which will be shared at Hannover Messe 2019.

By combining the Losant Gateway Edge Agent with the Bosch XM21 PLC, a water pump, a vibration sensor, and a flow switch, we were able to create a smart water pump which can be monitored on a dashboard and controlled with an application. With control of the PLC, and with visibility to the data that it produces, we are able to use Losant to command the valves to the correct position and turn the pump on. This allows water to flow from one tank to another. We use Losant to visualize data from the PLC to understand how long the pump has been running, monitor how many gallons have flowed through, and measure vibration to know if the pump is on or off. Access to this information in an industrial environment can help an OEM offer a number of potential benefits to customers. Visit Losant at Stand G18 in Hall 6 to experience this demo live at Hannover Messe April 1-5, 2019.



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