Introducing Support for MongoDB and Redis Data Sources, New Dashboard Features, and More

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 1 minute read

Today we're happy to announce major new additions to the Losant IoT Platform. We've added the ability to query data from any MongoDB and Redis data source, we added the ability to password protect dashboards, and lastly we added a new device concept for gateways and peripherals.

MongoDB and Redis

Losant workflows can now query and update data for any remote MongoDB and Redis database.


For more details, please refer to our MongoDB and Redis workflow node documentation.

Password Protected Dashboards

Password protected dashboards fill the void between fully public dashboards and dashboards that only you can see. You can now make a dashboard password protected and share the URL. Only the people that have the password will be allowed to see it.

You now have an additional option on your dashboard's settings page that allows you to set a password.


Once a dashboard is password protected, users will see a prompt when they attempt to access it.


Gateways and Peripherals

Today we introduced two new types of devices: gateways and peripherals. Gateways work a lot like standard devices, except they are allowed to also report state and receive commands for peripheral devices.

A common use-case is for bluetooth devices. Since bluetooth devices can't connect directly to Losant, they will connect to a gateway device, which would be something like a Raspberry Pi. The gateway device can then report state on behalf of those peripherals over its connection to Losant.

Another common use-case is a MQTT bridge between a local broker and Losant. Check out our tutorial on using Mosquitto as an MQTT bridge for more details.

A new section has been added to the device page that allows you to configure the type of device you'll be using.


What's Next?

With every new release, we really listen to your feedback. By combining your suggestions with our roadmap, we can continue to make the platform easy for you. Let us know what you think in the Losant Forums.