The Road to Hannover: Employ Machine Data

Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson | 1 minute read

Collect, visualize, and analyze machine data using the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. This easy-to-use IoT cloud platform unifies disparate systems to provide a complete picture of operations.

Whether you need to monitor industrial equipment, organize inventory information or collect insights from products in the field, the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform makes it easy to securely build connected solutions. This cloud platform is an application enablement platform which enables teams to build end-user experiences for customers using our Visual Workflow Engine. It was designed to balance the developer’s need for experimentation with the enterprise’s need for scalability. With edge computing capabilities incorporated, Losant is flexible enough to be used for asset tracking, smart environment, or condition-based maintenance solutions. Already, several Fortune 500 clients have used the Losant platform to reduce maintenance costs, refine internal processes and create new revenue streams in industries ranging from agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and more.

Using Losant eliminates the need for enterprises to completely overhaul systems to begin digital transformation. Losant’s easy-to-use visual workflow engine is seamlessly integrated with data visualization features and edge computing functionality to help users create dynamic end-user experiences. Because the platform is easy to use, developers are able to quickly and effectively build applications and create solutions that securely scale to millions of devices.

Use the personal contact options at HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Visit Losant on-site and learn more about our IoT cloud platform.