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Spending on Healthcare Internet of Things solutions will reach a staggering $1 trillion by 2025. The Healthcare industry remains among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things. Integrating IoT features into medical devices and the patient care continuum greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service. The result is especially advantageous for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision.

Losant Makes it Easy


Losant allows OEMs and healthcare system integrators to establish cross-device connectivity and make use of real-time data from the smart features now being built in to medical devices and related software systems. Healthcare companies - developing hardware or software products - integrating Losant’s functionality into their products are able to achieve IoT goals faster and at mimimal expense. Fully addressing the mission-critical nature of the IoT in Healthcare and the need of companies for total control over their product’s lifecycle, Losant’s feature set translates into verifiable reliability, scalability, and full ownership of your IoT solution.

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What you can do with Losant




Automated device-to-analytics data flow


Remote monitoring of patient’s health statistics


Remote device configuration and tuning


Predictive device maintenance

Customer Spotlight


Total Homecare Solutions

Total Homecare Solutions used a Losant-powered solution to allow fully remote monitoring for individuals in need of supervision. An off-the-shelf wireless home security system was modified by Losant with an ESP8266 NodeMCU to send real-time information to the platform. This data was combined with Losant’s reaction engine and visualization tools to monitor an individual’s activity. THS supervisors receive real-time alerts on any incidents and can respond in minutes.

Monitoring remotely versus in person greatly reduces the cost of care for THS. More importantly - it allows greater privacy and autonomy for individuals. Simple dashboards and reporting give the individual’s family peace of mind that loved ones are safe and well cared for.

Hardware Used: Visonic Wireless Sensor System, ESP8266 NodeMCU