International Women's Day: This Is How Equality Shaped Me

Janet M. Simon
Janet M. Simon | 3 minute read

InternationalWomensDay_LinkedinThis year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EachforEqual. To us, this means that we’re all responsible for contributing to enabling an equal world.

At Losant, we’re celebrating by showcasing several of our team’s voices. We’re committed to celebrating diversity in our organization for more than just one day but as a consistent aspect of our culture.

Here is Marketing Director, Janet M. Simon's, thoughts on embracing equality in her life. 

"I came from a family of capable females. I was fortunate to marry into a family of capable females. I have many examples of sturdy, wise, and confident women- young and old. Each have encouraged me, inspired me, loved me, and kicked my butt when needed. They all have taught me the value of living a life that embraced equality for all.

Women of the World Unite Rally

"We've begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters." -Gloria Steinem

Growing up, my formative years were impacted by variations of equality for all. As a child, I experienced the Vietnam war, where equality was nonexistent. War teaches us the truth that lives are lost regardless of politics or ideals and that equality is found only in death.

I experienced the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement and the empowering words and passion of Martin Luther King Jr., who strived for equality in everything he stood for.

And it’s my generation that benefited from the Women’s Liberation Movement that gave females the right and ability to make choices regarding our education, careers, and our bodies. By the time I began my career, women in the workforce were no longer a novelty, but the norm.

Once I started building my marketing career, I was fortunate to work with female and male professionals who showed me how to hone my craft by daily habits of excellence. Yes, males also influenced me. I genuinely believe that equality for all means that we will eventually stop having the gender conversation. Recently, Katie Sowers made news for being the first female NFL coach. She made even more news as her team played in the recent Super Bowl. Poised, motivated, and laser-focused on her role as the offensive coach of the San Francisco 49ers, she so elegantly spoke about how she just wanted to talk about the game and about the brilliance of her offensive line. Still, the reporters would not let her get beyond the ‘first female, how does it feel’ question.

Katie Sowers image

"Girls with dreams become women with vision." Restated by Katie Sowers

I think the theme of Each for Equal is a much needed and important message. This changes the narrative to go beyond face value to all the things that make us unique as individuals. Here, today in 2020, let’s have that conversation.

Today, I work with a diverse team at Losant. I get to experience what equal for all embodies. Every day I get to experience creative thinking, people who truly listen to each other and, more importantly, listen to our clients. I see troubleshooters, innovators, people who get excited about doing something for the first time, and in IoT that happens all the time. As corny as this may sound, I see grit. That ability to dig deep, figure it out, and get it done. I am inspired by the message, each for equal, because, for us here at Losant, it’s part of who we are and what our culture is about.

As a manager, a marketer, and a nurturer, I know that true inspiration must come from within. Equality is a part of me. I am curious. I am always listening and learning. I have benefited tremendously from the pioneers of equality that helped to form my behavior for my life. I continue to benefit by embracing the uniqueness of each person.

Everyone has gifts. Are you willing to see them?"

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