International Women's Day: The Reason I Became an Engineer

Maria Lang
Maria Lang | 2 minute read


This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EachforEqual. To us, this means we’re all responsible for contributing to enabling an equal world.

At Losant, we’re celebrating by showcasing several of our team’s voices. We’re committed to celebrating diversity in our organization for more than just one day. It is a deliberate aspect of our culture.

Here is Solutions Architect, Maria Lang's, thoughts on being a female engineer.

“It is easy to say that I would always be an engineer. I come from a long line of engineers and I have my father’s brain - we think in three dimensions and have an innate sense of curiosity.

My mom tells a story about when I was 2 and she lost me in the house. She found me about 10 minutes later under the kitchen sink, investigating the piping and the garbage disposal. When she asked me what I was doing apparently my response was "How's it work?" She told me to ask my father and left me there to inspect the pipes. My mom is a successful historian and writer, the disposal works and that is all she needed to know. Whereas I needed to know how it worked. Even though I get my way of thinking from my father, I would say I see the world through my grandmother’s eyes. She can find a solution for any problem. She is an amazing seamstress and phenomenal artist. She is creative and innovative. I think she recognized those traits in me as a small person and nurtured them throughout my life.

As I look at my upbringing, I was blessed. My family gave me their full support and stood with me through the tough aspects of becoming an engineer. I called my mom after every college exam to let her know that I failed my test (which 95% of the time I didn't), and that becoming a manufacturing engineer was not my path -I was wasting my time and my money; but, she and my father stood strong for me when I couldn't do it for myself. My parents never gave up on me. They encouraged and fostered my dream. They taught me how to be a strong woman. Their support and belief in me got me through.

Being a female engineer in a manufacturing plant was tough in the sense that there weren't a ton of other women to share my day to day struggles with -the few that had I consider some of my closest friends. But, I can honestly say there were men who mentored and coached me during my time on the manufacturing floor who were also amazing.

I learned so much from them and there are a couple I still look to for advice regularly. I recently left manufacturing after 10 years of (steel-toed) feet on the floor and came to Losant to become a Solutions Architect.

Here my creativity gets to take the front seat. I can help customers find unique and efficient solutions for their issues. I get to see different industries and have learned "How" so many systems are designed and work.

The camaraderie here and the support that I am given reinforces my belief that I am on the right path. The fact that I am a woman doesn't matter. They value my brain, my thought process, my creativity, and for that I am grateful."

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