The Road to Hannover: Tooling That Could Grow With You

Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson | 1 minute read

Enterprise teams will benefit from the flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Our platform is equipped to serve as the foundation for industrial IoT solutions and provides users with tools to build uniquely branded applications and end-user experiences for their customers.

The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform, which has already been adopted for a number of industrial use cases, was created to collect, visualize, analyze, and respond to IoT data from one to millions of devices and sources. This cloud-based platform was created to be flexible enough to allow for experimentation from enterprise developers and robust enough to handle a production environment. Enterprises interested in digitally transforming their products and environments are required to put a tremendous amount of trust in an IoT platform. This is why our technical team is committed to security standards and best practices. This is also why the platform is continuously monitored and tested; resilient against failure; and protected by disaster recovery plans and third-party audits. 

From our CTO Michael Kuehl’s point of view, organizations that choose Losant don’t have to worry about maintaining the infrastructure. This tooling can grow with your organization and securely scale to manage internal properties or help create solutions you can offer to your customers. Losant’s easy-to-use Visual Workflow Engine is seamlessly integrated with data visualization features and edge computing functionality to read from PLCs or legacy machinery and quickly design end-user experiences. Instead of requiring teams to build everything from scratch, use Losant and focus on your business goals. Losant is supported by documentation written by the engineers that built it and offers an active support team. Meet with Losant CTO Michael Kuehl at Hannover Messe in Hall 6, at Stand G18 to talk more about how the platform technology can support your IoT strategy.


Use the personal contact options at HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Visit Losant on-site and learn more about our IoT cloud platform.