The Road to Hannover: Visual, Intuitive, Industrial IoT

Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson | 1 minute read

The Losant Enterprise IoT platform is equipped to handle a variety of business use cases; integrate seamlessly with new and existing systems; and produce results for Fortune 100 companies because we combine our vision with customer feedback.

Although a number of IoT cloud vendors exist in the market today, Losant is one of the few devoted explicitly to the development of IoT solutions. While cloud providers spread their capability across a range of different services, Losant’s components are tightly integrated. This allows users to build solutions, complete with end-user experiences to ingest and employ data. Enterprises are then able to scale solutions across their organization or use the data to offer uniquely branded service offerings to their customers.

IoT changes rapidly, which is why Losant is updated monthly with new features to meet your evolving business needs. Additionally, Losant CPO Brandon Cannaday has shared that one of the main goals of his product team is usability. By providing an easy-to-use visual workflow engine which is integrated with a variety of other capabilities, we reduce development time for teams. Developers and customers comment frequently on how easy it is to build and change applications. If you would like to learn more about the vision for Losant and how we can support your IoT vision, schedule a meeting with Brandon during Hannover Messe 2019.


Use the personal contact options at HANNOVER MESSE 2019: Visit Losant on-site and learn more about our IoT cloud platform.