Welcome to Losant

Charlie Key
Charlie Key | 1 minute read

The one constant thing in the business world today is change. As companies grow and navigate the marketplace they have to evolve. We are no different. Today I get the pleasure to announce that we are changing our name from Structure to Losant.

We decided that in order to build the best company possible we needed to change the name. There is, also, potential conflict in the marketplace that we want to avoid. This new identity, Losant, gives us a very ownable and unique name. When looking to our short-term and long-term future this gives us the best possible postioning. 

While some things are changing others are not. We're still dedicated to making it as easy as possible to build connected solutions - for enterprises and makers alike. Our dedication to our users is stronger than ever. We know that you drive us to be a better product and company.

So where did Losant come from?

We were founded in the city of Cincinnati. This is our home; we have a proud history and an exciting future. When Cincinnati was first settled, fur traders, explorers and speculators made their stops on their way to the new frontier at a small pioneer outpost along the Ohio River originally called Losantiville.

As pioneers on the bleeding edge of the new frontier of IoT, we want to pay homage to our history and provide a place that connects people to that new frontier…

It is an important day in our history, but it is only the beginning. I'm excited to show off this new name but even more excited that we have all of you on this journey with us.