Controlling Your Builder Kit With Losant Go Mobile App

Brandon Cannaday
Brandon Cannaday | 2 minute read

A lot of you have builder kits and are already doing amazing things with them. Today I want to demonstrate how to control your builder kit using the newly released Losant Go mobile app.

The builder kit comes with three workshops. The second workshop demonstrates how to use a virtual button to turn on and off an LED. This guide will demonstrate how to use the Losant Go app to toggle that same LED, without needing to make any changes to the kit itself.


Configure Losant Go

By default, Losant Go's auto setup will create a new application, device, and empty workflow for you. We need to switch Losant Go to be a new device inside the same application as your builder kit device.

Add a new device to your builder kit application and name it whatever you want. I named mine "Losant Go". This will be the device that the Losant Go application will represent.


The Losant Go application sends one attribute, named buttonPressed. Add this attribute to the new device and set the data type to Number.

Now that we have the device created, open the Losant Go app and configure it to be this device.


1. Tap the menu on the top-right.
2. Select "Switch Applications".
3. Select your builder kit application from the list.
4. Select the newly created Losant Go device from the list.

Now whenever you press the Go button, it will report buttonPressed=1 to Losant. Now that we have data coming into the platform, let's create a workflow to toggle the LED on the builder kit.

Create Workflow

Create a new workflow and name it anything you want. I named mine "Go LED". Start by dragging a Device Trigger on the canvas and selecting the Losant Go device in the properties pane.


This workflow will now be triggered whenever the Go button is pressed. Now let's hook it up to the builder kit.

Drag a Device Command node to the canvas and connect it to the device trigger. Select the builder kit device and set the command name to "toggle". The firmware that is flashed to the builder kit understands the toggle command and will handle it by turning on or off the LED.


You can now deploy this workflow using the Deploy Workflow button on the top-right. Once deployed, you can now hit the Go button and see the LED turn on and off.


If you remove the LED, you now basically have a remote controlled 3.3v digital output. Your imagination is the limit. What will you build with it?

If you don't have a builder kit, you can purchase one from the Losant Store.