Harness the Power of IoT Quickly With Application Templates

Derek Pietras
Derek Pietras | 3 minute read

The market moves quickly, which means you and your team are under pressure to quickly deliver IoT solutions. Although it would be helpful, your team probably doesn’t have the time to start learning a new tool from scratch. That’s where application templates come in.


Application templates are preconfigured pieces of code that show a fully realized solution that you can use as a jumping-off point. Studies have shown that students learn better by doing, and application templates allow your developers to do just that. They are meant to teach, inspire, and get your team working.

Let’s examine the value templates can have for developers.

Application Templates as a Teaching Tool

When you’re learning new software, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. You may understand each part individually, but knowing how they fit together to accomplish tasks is another matter entirely. Templates can help with that. Templates provide a completed workflow that shows configured code working together.

For example, let’s say you’re new to the world of IoT development. You understand the basic concepts (connect several devices to analyze and work with data) but you don’t know how to get all the pieces to work together. With an IoT application template, you can see a workflow that uses many of the pieces you already know to solve a problem. You may even see the pieces working together in ways you didn’t imagine.

Best of all, the template workflow has been tested by professionals, so it’s bug-free and serves as an example of a best practice.

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Application Templates as a Starting Point

By starting with a template, your team can speed up the IoT development process. Application templates are built with implementation and architectural best practices in mind. By studying the templates, your team will learn the proper methods they need to make the most of their development.

"The templates are a logical step for us, in order to allow our customers to get their developers up to speed faster, to learn about potential architecture, potential implementations in the platform, and really get into market quicker."

Charlie Key, Losant CEO

A template contains a proven development example, so your team can take the logic that’s already programmed and customize it. If a template exists for a similar application to the one your team is trying to create, you can use the template to start your development. You can keep the devices, dashboards, and workflows that your team will use and remove, or customize, the ones that you don’t.

Application Templates as a Time Saver

"It's 80% of the solution and then you're filling in the last 20% of details."

Charlie Key, Losant CEO

Application templates ensure that your team never starts development from scratch. It can be time-consuming to build an entire application from the ground-up, time that your team may not have. By providing a fully-fleshed out application that you can customize for your own needs, application templates ensure that your team hits the ground running, every time.

Application Templates as a Collaboration Tool

Templates can increase collaboration between members of your team. Your developers, as they develop new processes, can create their own templates and share them with other teammates to speed along their development.

Losant’s application templates are designed to speed up development and help users create their own applications quickly. Our users are constantly on the lookout for technology and partners that may solve their problems. A template provides our users with confidence that the technology integrates with Losant and provides an easy path for their own development.

Application Templates Are Powerful Tools

When your team learns new software, application templates can help get them up to speed fast. Application templates can serve as a starting point, inspiration, time-saving measure, and collaboration tool. Losant recently released a set of four application templates that clients can use right away. These templates are extensive, easy-to-follow, customizable, and based on actual, real-world examples.

Losant Platform Application Templates

Losant recently released a set of four application templates that clients can use right away. These templates are extensive, easy-to-follow, customizable, and based on actual, real-world examples.

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