Losant Platform Preview Hack Night

Todd Henderson
Todd Henderson | 1 minute read

Over 50 hackers and makers turned historic Union Hall into a Hack Night last week and it was a fantastic sight. In collaboration with the Cincy IoT Meetup, we invited Cincinnati area developers and hardware enthusiasts to get a hands on preview the Losant IoT developer platform.

Despite a wide range of technical experience, OS platforms and backgrounds, folks enthusiastically jumped in right away. All were provided a special Losant Builder Kit to help facilitate building a series of basic projects using the Losant platform.


Losant Builder Kit

All attendees were given a Losant Builder Kit to use for the event, featuring an Adafruit Feather Huzzah and all the sensors and components to build a simple project with an Internet button, LED light and temperature sensor - all controllable with simple workflows built with Losant. Stay tuned for a future post on how you can get one of these for yourself.

Man holding the Adafruit Feather Huzza with an internet button, LED, and temperature sensor.

A table with a box full of supplies next to Losant IoT merchandise.

Losant Platform

Using our tutorials for the Internet button, LED light and temperature sensor projects, attendees built workflows to send simple text and emails through the cloud, as well as track and visualize ambient temperateure. Having folks set up devices, build workflows and reactions to events provided us with extrememly valuable feedback we've (mostly) already incorporated into the platform.

Three men programming on laptops during Hack Night at Union Hall.

Friends and Partners Get First Look

In addition to a large number of DIYers and hobbyists, we were thrilled to see a number of friendly companies represented at the event - including no less than eight individuals from local systems integrator E-Technologies Group. Also out in force were groups from our analytics partner Astronomer, local lab tech startup Atumsoft, application hosting PaaS Modulus and Cincinnati Children's

Group of Losant friends and partners at Hack Night.

A group of four men around one laptop at Hack Night happy with what they are seeing.

A group of men behind a laptop with one person plugging in hardware to the laptop.

Big Thanks to Cincy Hackers

Stay tuned for more Hack Night / Hackathon type regional events we'll be doing over the next couple months. To stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you informed on platform updates and events like this.Hack Night at Union Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio.