OEMs Can Use Losant Application Templates to Harness the Power of IoT

Derek Pietras
Derek Pietras | 1 minute read

If your enterprise has assets or equipment in multiple locations, you know the importance of being able to monitor that equipment from one central location. IoT applications can help with this challenge, but it can be complicated to configure. Losant’s Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template, one of four templates included in the Losant IoT Platform, is a multi-tenant application that OEMs, telcos, or other solution providers can offer to their customers as a means to remotely monitor their equipment.

Watch the Deeper Dive Webinar Replay: Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template

Application Templates in Losant provide a set of real-world reference implementations that you can use for:

  • Architecture guidance
  • Implementation best practices
  • Starting points for your own applications

The Industrial Equipment Monitor template provides the following:

  • Sample devices based on industrial power generators
  • Live and historical overview and device dashboards
  • Example fault and maintenance monitoring
  • Multi-tenant experience with built-in access control based on customer


This template contains a README that provides instructions and guidance on the template implementation. The README includes useful information including:

  • Key Components
  • Dashboards
  • Experience
  • Resources


Our CPO, Brandon Cannaday, led a Deeper Dive Webinar on the Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template, showcasing the ins and outs of the application template for developers and the benefits it can offer your enterprise. Watch the webinar replay and try the Industrial Equipment Monitor Application Template for yourself now in the Losant Developer Sandbox.