IoT Embedded Products Can Expand OEMs Value to Customers

The Losant Team
The Losant Team | 2 minute read

In prior installments (parts 1, 2, 3) of this blog series, we looked at factors impacting IoT initiatives, how companies could build revenue opportunities with IoT, and the dimensions of IoT value. Now, we’ll explain how Losant is the best choice for helping enterprises build their IoT journey.

Every member of the Losant team is focused on helping customers attain optimal command of their IoT capabilities based on their industry, business, products, skills, and strategic needs. Industrial equipment OEMs are particularly well matched to Losant’s strengths, focusing on actual, long-term advantages for their customers and their efforts rather than merely satisfying a curiosity or testing theories about new technology.

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The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform provides a highly usable, flexible, efficient, and proven foundation for IoT concept testing, refinement, launch, and rollout of IoT benefits internally and externally. We are not selling or transferring a formula approach. Instead, we provide customers ready access to the advanced tools and experiences needed to deploy complex technology however it works best for their situation, including the option of a machine-as-a-service relationship. A key component of our enterprise IoT platform, Losant Edge Compute, deploys workflows to the OEM’s devices and executes those workflows on the device itself. We help OEMs explore, find and build into their products new dimensions of value creation for themselves and their customers. We also allow for data delivery across virtually limitless individualized views through a capability — known as multi-tenancy . This capability enables proprietary users (tenants) to consume a single application simultaneously, the industry-altering potential for more meaningful, branded user experiences. With enhanced experiences comes the potential to differentiate and elevate the stature of connected products, product lines, and the organization itself within one’s industry.

Right Idea. Right Partner.

The idea of externally delivered IoT — embedding the capability at the time of manufacture — opens potential opportunities and addresses critical decisions and commitment factors introduced earlier in this blog series. Realizing these opportunities means applying a thoughtful, strategic, objectives-based pursuit of new value made possible by product-integrated IoT technology. It also requires significant operational commitment, supported by sound rationale and resolve.

The making, selling, and support of embedded IoT products can expand the value and elevate the user experience from just a few users to hundreds or thousands of unique, individual, simultaneous user experiences that must be enabled and managed. The ability to create multi-tenant views at this level is a differentiating strength of Losant.

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Today, virtually every company is in the technology business. Company leaders should determine to what degree if any, IoT technology can or will impact the value of its products and future. The Internet of Things is here to help, if pursued responsibly. The Losant Enterprise IoT Platform and its people are here to help you accomplish all you can with IoT successfully. If you’d like to learn more about how Losant can help your organization meet its IoT application development needs, connect with us here.

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