Platform Update Roundup

Ashley Ferguson
Ashley Ferguson | 2 minute read

Do more with Losant.

Our platform is built for growth to enable more integrations, more capabilities and the ability to solve complex business problems.  Thanks to input from our dedicated user base, in 2017 we added more than 60 platform updates so that you could do more with the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform.  As we look forward to helping you build in 2018, we want to make sure you are using Losant to its full potential. We’ve compiled a list of our major updates for you and your team to take full advantage of the platform’s functionality.

As always, many of our new features and improvements come directly from user suggestions. If you have something you'd like to see become part of our platform, please let us know in our forums.

Platform Update - Custom Domains, Google BigQuery, and Google ML Nodes
Publish and subscribe to your own Google Pub/Sub instance or custom MQTT broker.

Introducing Experience Views: Publish Dashboards and Custom Pages to Your Users
Publish dashboards and custom webpages for end users with Experience Views.

Introducing Dashboard Reporting
Receive scheduled PDF email reports of your Losant dashboard. Quickly review and share with team members. 

Introducing the Device Simulator and Device Communication Log
Test your IoT solution prior to production with the Device Simulator and easily debug device connectivity with the Device Communication Log.

Platform Update - Graph Block Enhancements, Inactivity Trigger and String Node
Quickly visualize time series data across time durations on your dashboards; get notified about inactivity and find and replace values, split strings into arrays and more with the String Node.

Introducing Data Tables - Custom Data Storage for Your Losant Applications
Store entirely custom data for your IoT solutions with Data Tables.

Platform Update - Array Node, Loop Node and Application Globals
Manipulate workflows with Loop Nodes and Array Nodes.  Use the same global values across multiple workflows with Application Globals.

Platform Update - Mini Dashboard Blocks and New Section Header Block
Add more data to dashboards using mini-dashboard blocks and organize dashboards with Section Header dashboard blocks.

Platform Update - Workflow Versioning and Particle Integration
Actively develop workflows without affecting production with Workflow Versioning.

Platform Update - Real-Time Graphs, Live Workflow Debugging, GPS Direction Indicators
Debug in real-time with live path highlighting; experience real-time displays of the Time Series Graph and Gauge dashboard blocks. Track direction within the GPS History block with direction indicators

Introducing Integrations with Google Pub/Sub and Custom MQTT Brokers
Publish and subscribe to your own Google Pub/Sub instance or custom MQTT broker

Introducing Losant Kiln - The Fastest way to Build APIs for IoT Applications
Build custom APIs and experiences on top of your IoT devices and data with Losant’s Kiln

Introducing Dashboard Context
Control the configuration and runtime characteristics of your dashboards with Dashboard Context

Platform Update - Application API Tokens and GPS Color Markers
Create, manage, and grant detailed access rights for each API token; use different colors for GPS markers based on any custom rules.

Platform Update - Dynamic Input Controls and Workflow Switch Node
Set the value of input controls with dynamic Input Controls and compare a single input value against several possibilities with Workflow Switch Node.

Platform Update - Time Series Node, Event Filtering, and Audit Logs for Enterprise
Request aggregated device data over a specific time range with Time Series workflow node, filter events and keep track of changes made to Losant resources with Audit Logs.

What's Next?

With every new release, we really listen to your feedback. By combining your suggestions with our roadmap, we can continue to make the platform easy for you. Let us know what you think in the Losant Forums.