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Achieve exceptional results with Losant. Our Deeper Dive webinar series allows users to explore features alongside Losant Solutions engineers, see real-world applications of the platform, and take their Losant expertise to the next level.

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Brandon Cannaday

CPO & Co-Founder

Brandon Cannaday, along with other co-founders Michael Kuehl and Charlie Key, developed the foundation of the Losant platform. Brandon drives forward the vision, creates the road map, and helps to integrate new product features.


Dylan Schuster

Director of Product - Platform

Dylan Schuster is the Director of Product - Platform at Losant. He designs and builds the user interface of our platform and has a holistic understanding of the benefits of the platform from a developer perspective.


Taron Foxworth

Education Lead

Taron Foxworth is the Education Lead at Losant. He is well-versed in technical details and helping users at all levels understand the benefits of IoT uses cases and our platform.

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The Losant Developer Sandbox is the perfect place to gain access to product features and test your IoT solution. Build using our application enablement platform and transfer your work to new or existing organizations when you are ready to move to full-scale production.

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Whether you're a developer looking for more information or a VP of engineering looking to learn with our ready-to-go POC process, the Losant team can answer any questions you may have.


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Ask questions and quickly get answers to common issues in the Losant Forums. Conversations are monitored by Losant support engineers and cataloged to keep you moving along your IoT journey.

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Losant Documentation

Learn how to build IoT applications using detailed documentation written by the engineers who built the platform. Get guided through our docs with visual aids, screenshots, and examples thorough enough for developers and non-developers alike.

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Blog Posts & Tutorials

View our tutorials to learn how to use Losant features and integrate with your existing systems. Losant engineers frequently add new features to the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform. Stay up to date on what’s new by following the blog.

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Losant University

Losant University combines video training and hands-on workshops to help you and your team quickly learn the full functionality of Losant and get up-to-speed as Losant developers.

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